About Us

About Galeria Fashion Studio

Galeria Fashion Studio Modeling & Production began in 2019 as a broad-based company representing only the very professional and best fashion and commercial media Production.

Today, Galeria is one of the most successful Media Production and modeling management companies in the international region representing male and female models from the Singapore and all over the world.

Our staff has managed the careers of media Production and fashions, commercial modeling and we fully understand the various aspects of the media Production and modeling industry from contract negotiations, the relationship between international ad travel arrangements, overseas accommodations, work visa’s in foreign countries, and more. We are experts experience in the management and placement of new and experienced media and models with the world’s top international media production and modeling company. Galeria can help you get the exposure and professional media and models management you need to succeed!


Galeria Fashion Studio & Management

Galeria is a media production, modeling management and scouting company. We are specialized in all media production including motion picture, corporate videos, movie production, production of advertisement, variety shows and documentaries, Live broadcast (including production of television programme). We also specialize in placement of models with the most legitimate and prestigious modeling management in worldwide. We represent new and experienced models of all ages, all sizes and all heights.






Media Production

All media Production including Corporate Video, Live Broadcast And Social Media, Motion picture, Video, Movie Production, Production of Advertisement, Variety Shows And Documentaries, Events (including production of television programme).

It’s the art of soft selling. We are able to integrate all our services into a comprehensive online, offline and social campaign that will maximize reach and impact of any project – be it shopping, sharing or just finding out more about the subject at hand – and what your brand can do for them.

Fashion & Modeling

As a prominent and dependable fashion & modeling company in Singapore, we deliver outstanding solutions that surpass the expectations of our clients. By being open to all kinds of fashion and media production works that challenge and hone our creative skills, we have emerged as a leading fashion and media production companies towards in the world. Inspired by our growing base of overseas clientele, we aspire to eventually lead within Asia. Our reputation as a Singapore fashion modeling companies has always been growing at a fast pace since its inception. If you are searching for a reliable and reputed fashion & media developer Singapore, you’re at the right place.